Riderless Horse “Wins” Race at Ruidoso Downs

Fancy Stripe unseated rider Justin Shepherd at the start of the second race at Ruidoso Downs and was then undeterred throughout the seven-and-one-half furlong race to cross the finish line in front of his rivals.

Shepherd was able to walk off the track to the jockey quarters and is not taking off any remaining mounts. Fancy Stripe’s performance was listed as did not finish by the stewards. A horse must finish a race with a jockey to be an official finisher.

Fancy Stripe stumbled at the start to unseat Shepherd.

The jockeys of the other horses in the race were able to stay clear of the riderless Fancy Stripe. Wrapped was the official winner and was running alongside of Fancy Stripe at the finish.

Ronnie Cloud was the official second-place finisher while Attila’s Ghost finished third.



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